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Welcome to my baby food allergies website. Coming to this site will help you to know which food is good for your baby and which one is not and how to prepare some natural healthy food for your baby. Most importantly to know that not all baby food is good for all babies, this means that a particular food might be good for one baby but may become a poison for the other.


During my reproductive stage, because I was a civil servant and used to start work as early as six weeks after delivery, I have always avoided keeping my Children on breastfeeding only so I do start them early on bottle feeding. It was going well for me until I had my fourth baby, the story becomes different.

when I was breastfeeding this baby with breast milk alone everything was moving normal but when I started this baby with formula feeding I started seeing changes in the baby,

first, she developed severe constipation that keeps her very uncomfortable and it made her cry a lot when passing stool. second I changed to a formula with a different make after few days she developed rashes all over the body.

It was when I took her to a pediatrician that I was told that it was a reaction from milk formula and the formula was discontinued, and the baby was treated for baby food allergies.

Thanks to this doctor for saving my baby’s life


The reason why this website was created is to help mother discover when the food their babies are taken is no longer tolerated by them and to know what to do in order to assist them to know how to naturally prepare their babies food in a healthy and safe way.

Do you want to take part in the war against food allergies on the babies?
Create your own website. It is easy and it is free


Mothers after reading the articles on this site will be able to know;

  • Not all food is good for all the babies
  • Know how to prepare natural food for their babies
  • Know the different types of baby formula
  • different types of baby feeding bottles
  • Know the best food for their babies
  • Know the best feeding bottles for their babies
  • Other things related to their babies, for example, Baby products


I am interested in pregnant women, babies and making money online


I love praises and Christian music

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
Bibian Okoye


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