Children’s book that inspires healthy habits and Nutrition

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Reading books together with our children is not only a great way to connect and unwind, but stories also help expose them to new ideas and positive habits. Now that I have toddlers, I look for books that will be a good learning tool. Some show kindness. Others encourage independence and responsibility.

Things i love about bedtime is a board book that celebrate the joy of bedtime process


Food with mood is a book that is used to discuss the different moods, introduce the names of many fruits and vegetables, to identify colors, and to inspire young artists to create sculptures of their own


An alphabet salad Introduces fruits and vegetables through photographs and brief text that describe one item for each letter of the alphabet.


The tooth book: A guide to healthy teeth and gums, is a very informative book about teeth. Everything from how to brush, to the inside of a tooth, to history and other countries tooth traditions



brush your teeth please is colorful pop-up book for young children that encourages readers to clean and floss their teeth in imitation of the animal characters depicted. Includes a mirror for children to examine their own smiles



Growing vegetable soup is a book with pictures as bright as sunshine,where  a father and child share the simple joy of planting, watering, and watching seeds grow in the family garden.


The book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child creates a fabulous world in which there are awesome food you can wait to eat such as orange twiglets from Jupiter, green drops from Greenland, cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji, ocean nibbles from the supermarket under the sea.



Big smelly bear: It’s never bath time for Big Smelly Bear: he doesn’t brush, he doesn’t wash, and he’s simply unbearable. No one can stand to come close! Then, one day, he wakes up with a most awful, unreachable itch. He could really use a little scratch from a friend, but Big Fluffy Bear won’t help because Big Smelly Bear stinks! Will he change his ways and bathe?


Good Enough to Eat is one of a kind: the only guide to kids’ nutrition written especially for kids. A practical, hands-on tool for families who want to eat a healthy diet.


Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham tells the story of Sam I Am, an intelligent and pesky little character who constantly offers a huge helping of green eggs and ham to his rather close-minded and disapproving acquaintance.


Author: Bibian Okoye

A Retired Chief Nursing Officer, PGDip IHM

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