Tips for good dental health in children

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  • Encourage them to brush twice a day, in the morning before meal and at night before sleep.
    • Reduce the frequency and the amount of contact that sugary foods and drinks have with teeth.

  • Encourage calcium rich foods, for example, milk, cheese and yogurt. These foods will protect and help to build strong teeth.
  • Give milk and water between meals, these are the most tooth-friendly drinks.
  • Dilute pure unsweetened fruit juice to a ratio of 1 part juice to 4-5 parts water and offer with meals.
  • Encourage a feeding cup, from 6 months of age. This is important, particularly for children who take high sugar drinks, for example, soya infant formula.
  • It is recommended that bottle-feeding should be stopped from the age of 12 months.
  • Frequent use of paediatric medicines containing sugar can promote tooth decay – use sugar-free alternatives.
  • Contact a dental practitioner for additional information on dental hygiene.
  • Play games and tell stories that encourage children to see visits to the dentist as normal checks for their oral health, not as frightening or painful
  • If giving sugary foods and drinks occasionally, try to give with or straight after meals, not between meals.

Author: Bibian Okoye

A Retired Chief Nursing Officer, PGDip IHM

2 thoughts on “Tips for good dental health in children”

  1. These are some great tips! When my son was little, I had a heck of a time getting him to brush his teeth correctly.

    The info about the juice (diluting it) is also quite helpful – many moms are not aware of how much sugar content there is in juice – even though it says, “100% fruit juice” on the label, the amount of sugar in store-bought juice is very high!

    As a note, I have also heard that it is good to be cautious about which children’s toothpaste to buy. Is that something that you have also found to be a problem on children’s dental health?

    1. You see dear it is important for you to know the type of toothpaste you buy for your kids. For your little infants and toddlers, you are not suppose to use fluoride toothpaste  just water and a soft –bristled toothbrush till they are of the age of  3.Then from 3 and above it is advisable to use toothpaste with little fluoride in other to enable the teeth grow properly.

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